Leadership is and always will be challenging and daunting.

It is the area with which humans struggle the most in business. Yet it can be so rewarding and make such a difference in organizational success. It's a life-long journey & the best leaders know we never get to "mastery."

Elevate Performance, LLC delivers peer advisory groups (CEO Forums, Elevate Forums and Accelerate Leadership Forums), one-on-ones (often referred to as coaching) and advisory services/assistance to give a client extra resources to succeed around an important issue, challenge or opportunity.


Our Vision

We are Northwest Arkansas region's premier connector of organizational leaders, creating engaging and impactful environments where leaders share challenges, insight and knowledge and build deep-trust relationships, ultimately resulting in competitive advantage and greater opportunities for your organization, yourselves and the region.


Our Mission

We help leaders Elevate Performance through peer advisory groups, one on one's, advisory services, best practices, tools, content, insights and special purpose full-membership gatherings, conferences and workshops.


Our Core values

  • For both our co-workers and our members, we strive to create environments that are open, trusting, non-defensive and nonpolitical.
  • We strive to work with our members to find solutions to what some times will be difficult challenges.
  • We value and respect confidentiality.
  • We have every member in our heart.
  • We value and desire to help those representing diver backgrounds of age, ethnicity and gender.
  • We strive to execute in a non-egotistical way.
  • We're driven by the idea that "there's always a better way."
  • In memory and honor of Jesse Lewis, we strive to choose love over anger and "have a lot of fun!"