Sometimes you need to reserve the time and step back to see the big picture.

If you’re the busy leader of a dynamic organization, it’s hard to find the perfect time, environment, and people with whom to process the challenges only you can understand.  Life can be lonely when you’re the one accountable.   But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. 
At Elevate Performance, we’ve been running increasingly-popular senior leader peer advisory forums for more than ten years.  We now operate four CEO Forums in Northwest Arkansas.  The CEO Forums bring together up to fourteen regional C-Suite leaders and business owners in ongoing monthly closed-door sessions, in which they can process each other’s issues and challenges, and share deep insights about business and the business climate in Northwest Arkansas, the state and the world.  Business competitors are not allowed in the same forum.   A confidentiality agreement is signed at the beginning of each meeting.  Deep trust occurs.  Bonds form.  A strong support network is built.   
Recent research among our members (many of whom have been with us since the beginning) reveals these are the things they value most about the forum experience:

  • I can process challenges and opportunities with peers who understand the complexity of what I’m dealing with.

  • I’ve formed valuable relationships with people I trust or connections important to my business.

  • The forum meetings allow me a unique opportunity to take a step back from my business and consider it from a “big picture” perspective.

  • I gain deep, early insights into what is happening in the Northwest Arkansas region.


Acelerate Leadership Forum.png

In the Elevate Performance Accelerate Leadership program, we help accelerate the process of transforming good people into great leaders. 
The Accelerate Leadership program is a ten-month forum, in which members meet for half-days monthly, with a curriculum that combines leadership and management training with peer-to-peer processing of real-life management opportunities.  The program is ideal for quickly-promoted managers of mid-sized to large businesses, owners/CEOs of smaller enterprises, or executive leadership within non-profit organizations.