Is EQ Really Twice As Important To You Getting What You Want in Life as IQ? Six Question Quiz on EQ

Daniel Goleman shared with Google at “Google Talks” in 2004 that EQ is catalytic for our strengths and other skills to be valued by others. In other words, regardless of how smart we may be, if we can’t have empathy and an interest in others and work and interact with them well, they really don’t care how smart we are.

So when Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, authors of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, put forth the notion that EQ is twice as important as IQ in getting what you want, we took notice and pursued further. If this is true or even close to being accurate, one would hope that we would all be more engaged and more aware and more growth-oriented around our Emotional Intelligence or EQ development.

Here is your chance to do just that. Six Question Quiz on EQ. Enjoy | Grow.

You can complete the quiz to the best of your ability and find the answers below. .

Elevate Emotional Intelligence

Six Questions  

 Source – Book and Assessment Tool - Emotional Intelligence 2.0

For Coaching Engagements  

The first three questions relate to first thirty pages of book

Second three questions relate to second thirty pages

 Emotional Intelligence Quiz

 1.   The link between EQ and earnings is so direct that when completing the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal online assessment tool found in the book, every point increase in EQ will result, over time, in an increase in annual salary of $_______. 

a.      ___ $100

b.      ___ $500

c.       ___ $800

d.      ___ $1,300

                (P. 22) 

 2.      The four skills that together make up emotional intelligence are:

a.      Self-awareness

b.      Self-management

c.       Social awareness

d.      And the fourth would be _________________

(P. 24) 

 3.     With 90% of top performers high in EQ, the degree of importance that EQ has compared to IQ on getting what you want in life is _____.  

a.      ___ Not as important

b.      ___ 20% more important

c.       ___ 120% more important

d.      ___ Twice as important 

(Back page cover inside)

 Self Management:

 4. Real results come from putting your momentary needs on hold to pursue?  ____________________________________________________________ p.33

 Relationship Management:

 5. Of the people tested by, ___% of them have difficulty handling stress. P.45  

 6. As we consider plasticity of the brain, our ability to change, we learn that a single cell can develop ______ number of connections with its neighbors.  This chain reaction of growth ensures the pathway of thought responsible for behavior grows stronger and can be depended on for more favorable responses.      P. 52

 If you are processing this book along with your one-on-one coach, please complete the EQ Action Plan, First Phase before the next scheduled one-on-one. P. 56


 1.      $1,300

2.      Real results come from putting your own momentary needs on hold to pursue larger, more important goals. 

3.      Twice as important

4.      Relationship Management

5.      70%

6.      15,000

 The Book: