New Accelerate Leadership Forum Forming for Summer Start 2018

 Accelerate Leadership Forum VIII

Accelerate Leadership Forum VIII

Now Accepting Enrollment into 14 Member Accelerate Leadership Forum IX  ("AL IX")

One of the most exciting and fulfilling things we do at Elevate Performance is getting to work with fast-rising leaders in what we’ve now branded as our Accelerate Leadership Forum (formerly Emerging Leader Forum).     

We currently have an excellent class going, with a diverse membership ranging from the region’s Fortune 100 companies, to entrepreneur-led ventures, financial institutions and non-profit organizations.  They’re all whip-smart and enthusiastically engaged.  Large company participants learn how entrepreneurs think and respond.  Smaller size business leaders learn how large companies systematically process choices to be made for the best calculated risk.  All members begin to recognize that part of leadership is dealing with challenges where there is no clear path, requiring different ways of gathering information, then critical thinking to make the final decision. 

It’s energizing just to be in the room.

As we were assembling the current forum, AL VIII, many members expressed a desire to invest in one of your "A" Players or promising professionals in to the next forum, which is scheduled to begin August 2018.  While we already have confirmed members in this class, we still have openings, which we’ll be filling in the coming weeks.

If you have an all-star performer in your organization whom you’d like to prepare for, if not accelerate, their preparedness to take on expanded leadership responsibilities, this ten-month Accelerate Leadership program is an excellent investment option.  Contact us to enroll your top talent and demonstrate to your team of talent how important your people are to the organization.   

CEO Forum members are already aware of the benefits of this program.  But if you’d like to know more, feel free to reach out to Ed Nicholson or Tim McFarland at Elevate Performance. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.  


Representative Organizations - Current Forum In Session - AL VIII

Arrowhead Boats, Bordinos, CaseStack, Centennial Bank, deMx Architecture, First Tee, Guitar Center,  Lofty Labs, Recycled Hydro Solutions, Rockline Industries, Starling Family Office, Tyson Foods, UniVision, Walmart and Wolfspeed.   What a list of excellent organizations!