In Honor of Pear Pleetissamuth - Her Reception!

Yesterday, on June 21st, members and friends got to celebrate with our associate, Pear Pleetissamuth,  who recently graduated with her second degree, a Masters Degree  from the University of Arkansas in Operations Management, Engineering College, complementing her Bachelors Degree from the Walton College in Small Business further complemented by her minor in Chinese.  Pear has been a wonderful contributor to our team for over 30 months and we are all grateful for the opportunity to get to work with her.  She modeled teamwork, sought best practices, executed with grace and grit, helped us upgrade how we do things in many ways, all the while with a smile and strong discipline.  In addition, our members and Pear created some special bonds over the months.  

Pear will be returning to her home country of Thailand to start, with a partner, an Essential Oils enterprise, targeted to the growing affluent Chinese who increasingly visit Thailand. 

For these combined reasons, we wanted to have a Pear Party before she leaves for Thailand.   Some incredible people showed up.  It was a Thai Food feast and a lot of uplifting conversations.  Please enjoy some photos of the event.   


 Names of those in photos:  

1. Pear and Molly Rawn                                                                 

2. Dan Sanker, Tommy and Robyn Van Zandt, Pear

3. Santiago and Gabriel Machado, Tommy                       

4. Stewart & Grace Nance, Mafe & Camela Machado, Robyn Van Zandt

5.  Stewart Nance, Pear, Tim McFarland

6. Michael Iseman & Shannon Bedore

7. The Machado Family, Tim     

8. Ed Nicholson & Brian Shaw     

9. Elevate Team


Pear takes with her the hours of shadowing and assisting peer advisory group meetings, where members address real-world issues and help one another seize opportunities or respond to challenges or issues and thanks to their peers, often with greater success.  She is equipped with a host of takeaways and pieces of wisdom from about every member and client.   She understands the real world of leading an organization and valuable keys to doing so.         

Pear, you may be moving to Thailand but we are still here to be helpful to you at any time along the way.   We know you are well positioned for success.  We also know that every start-up is challenging.  We wish you the very best in this new endeavor!   

Thank you to everyone who attended Pear's Party!
-The Elevate team