New Year Message, Forum Dates & Topics for January and February 2018 | Tools for Goal Setting, Planning and Scaling

Happy New Year, 

We want to thank every member of every forum for the opportunity to serve you by helping you solve challenges, take on new opportunities, network with your community and develop as leaders.    We begin 2018 with 86 valued members  in eight forums.  In total, 75 organizations are represented and the forums are served by four highly-capable chairs, Ed Nicholson, Todd Wood, Mike Smith and Tim McFarland and our Super Assistant, Pear Pleetissamuth.     

We hope as part of your New Years' resolutions, you have resolved to dive deeper into your peer advisory group.  We hope you will put forth your most challenging issues and greatest opportunities to your  fellow forum members. When we do this, we make better decisions and execute around them more effectively. 

During the month of January, we customarily ask members to share your goals for the year.   In doing so, please consider the M.I.T.s Tool - Most Important Things.  Please find a link to this tool and how it works. Click Here

January's Calendar of Forums


February's Calendar of Forums    


If you are scheduled to be a lead presenter soon, your chair will be meeting with you well before you are scheduled to present.    

Scaling Up, In-Sync and EOS - Resources for Planning and Executing

For planning beyond your M.I.T.s, please consider the One Page Personal Plan, a tool developed by Verne Harnish and a part of his popular book - Scaling Up.   To get a copy of the tool, Click Here.

Verne's background: 

  • CEO of Gazelles
  • Founder of EO (Entrepreneur Organization)
  • Author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

For more information about Verne, click here: www.  Verne shares a number of resources here, including his perspective on the Rockefeller Habits.

To go deeper relating to your organization's strategic plan, please consider a resource brought to us by Mike Smith, Innovate Arkansas and Chair of CEO Forum V based in Little Rock.  Mike recommends, as a starter, the following 2 minute clip of Michael Sync's methodology Click Here.   In the month of Februrary, Michael will be a guest presenter at CEO Forum V.  Michael resides in Memphis.  For more info about his firm and tools, please click here:

Tara Limbird and her firm, Limbird Realty, recently engaged EOS for planning and executing.  We plan to invite one of EOS's certified coaches to present at a NWA CEO Forum.  Learn more about EOS's platform here:    Over time, we will be able to handicap each firm and their product and when they are a fit. 

We hope and trust that 2018 will be a great year for each one of you.  We look forward to being a part of that great year.