So you are a new member of one of our Seven Peer Advisory Groups.  Congratulations!  You can create a path toward success that is elevated above the path you were operating along before you became a member.

How do you get the most out of your forum?

There is a lot of value that can be extracted from your Peer Advisory Group.  Take the time to consider before arriving at a forum, how you invest your time when you have 10 trusted advisors in the room worth over $2k an hour combined.  Consider these paths to maximize:

  •  Even when you are not the lead presenter, you will receive a block of time from which to present and receive feedback around an important issue, challenge or opportunity.  Since you are not the lead presenter, your block of time will be around 10 to 15 minutes vs. 45 to 55 minutes.   Consider what fits for this block of time.  What issue, opportunity or challenge could you put forth and they could offer you feedback?  Where is your greatest opportunity?  Which situation is causing you the most frustration or what are you grappling with given that the issue is around an area where you don’t yet have experience?  Put these types of issues forward and ask for input.  You will be amazed at what comes back.
  • Alternatively, until you get in the rhythm of executing #1, process verbally what is most important to you. Remember, you have 10 or more leaders, your trusted advisors, from whom to gain advice.  So, month in and month out, use the advisors well!  To go the “softball route” or by not putting forth your most important “stuff” to the forum is both a compromise to your own career and to your fellow members.
  • Each member is exposed to quite a lot of valuable information and knowledge.  Sometimes, that item can be a nugget for others to learn about and apply.  Bring your nugget of a resource, tool, knowledge to the group when you know it is one that is valuable to all.
  • As often as possible, try to state your biggest challenge or issue for your own good but to make sure you have sorted out what is number one.  When it is your turn to be a lead presenter, which will be in about six months, you will most definitely want to put forth your largest challenge, issue or opportunity.  FYI, we rotate lead presenters each month.
  • Get to know other members via one-on-one gatherings and by attending each forum and adding value to what they present and desire to process.  Because of how much you help one another and how deep you sometimes go in solving challenges or seizing opportunities, you can develop some of your best long-term friendships with your peers in your forum.
  • Consider the Seven Pillars Essential for Leading Your Enterprise and see how well you might score in terms of your ability to execute some or all of each pillar.  No one can know each one to the fullest, so developing our leadership skills will be a lifetime affair.
  • Enjoy, have fun, be open, trusting, non-defensive and non-political but don’t be afraid to help another member get to where he or she needs to be in evaluating from where they are today in their leadership journey.

What might you be missing?

If you are a CEO of an organization or have C-suite responsibilities and desire to become CEO in the future, and your organization generates revenues between $1 million and $1 billion per year and you want to be a growth leader today and beyond, contact us at and let’s discuss whether membership is a good investment for you and your organization.  We love helping leaders elevate your performance.   Leaders consistently perform better and above their “pre-membership self.”  Commitment and engagement to your forum and to your leadership responsibilities are essential.

Let us help you Elevate your career path and leadership performance.