To become a great leader, we will become a person who works very well with others.  How do we do this?

Please consider these perspectives:

“Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.”
Ben Stein contributed by Ed Nicholson

Don’t try to be interesting, be interested,” the best advice, received from his #1 mentor, Jim Collins shares he ever received.  This is also how Betty Gray McFarland lived her life, a life that was rich and warm and full of love and one where so many people admired and loved her.

How do we give more meaning to the contributions our people make for our organization?” Tim McFarland

In every interaction with another human being, we leave something behind.”  Author unknown. Make your interactions great ones.

As we become curious about people, every person has a unique story or part of their journey that is interesting and one from which we can all learn. Be interested in finding that story,” Bowtie Todd and Tim McFarland, shared by both before they had ever met one another.

We are all people, of equal, with hopes and fears and dreams,” Tim McFarland added the “of equal” to this commonly used quote.

In think leadership is the time we spend with our people,” Herb Kelleher, founding CEO of Southwest Airlines.

Do you have your people in your heart?  If your people are just the way for you to get to something, you will never get there,” Donnie Smith

Because leadership is, among other things, bringing the best out in others.