Congratulations to Alex Lostetter, Sharmila Mounce, Robert Shaw and the Wolfspeed team on agreeing to be acquired by Infineon, the world’s leader in power module

“Infineon is the number one developer and manufacturer of power devices and power modules in the world, with over 35,000 employees and a market cap of 15B Euros. They are acquiring Wolfspeed in order to gain the number one market position in SiC power electronics as well. This is a great step for us, a critical strategic move for Infineon’s future, and Infineon aims to continue growing the SiC facilities and capabilities in both North Carolina and Arkansas. As always, thank you for the continued Arkansas support. We continue to aim to grow our center of excellence at the ARTP in Fayetteville, and bring more work and more high-tech jobs to the Arkansas community”, Alex Lostetter, Vice President (Member, CEO Forum I)

Please see the following link for the press release:

“This announcement and the potential for this company to make a large impact on our regions economy and  its high-tech competitiveness over the long run is even more promising,” Elevate Performance.