Accepting Enrollment into Emerging Leader Forum VII

Moving Up Quickly Must Be Managed Effectively

March 15 Start Date

Great people move up quickly inside organizations.

The problem is, they often move up with skills gaps:

Knowing how to manage and lead people.  Knowing how to think strategically, beyond the narrower perspectives of functional excellence.   Knowing budgets and finances.  Knowing how to manage conflict.  Knowing how to communicate effectively, inside and outside the organization.  There are many more such opportunities.

If you’re a good leader, you were likely once there yourself.

In the Elevate Performance Emerging Leaders program, we help accelerate the process of transforming good people into good leaders.

The Emerging Leaders program is a ten-month forum, in which members meet for half-days monthly, with a curriculum that combines leadership and management training with peer-to-peer processing of real-life management opportunities.  The program is ideal for quickly-promoted managers of mid-sized to large businesses, owners/CEOs of smaller enterprises, or executive leadership within non-profit organizations.

Do you have someone who is an Emerging Leader?  Talk with us about how we might help them fill the gaps.

Please contact:

  • Ed Nicholson at Ed@ceoforums.us
  • Pear Pleetissamuth at Pear@ceoforums.us
  • Tim McFarland at Tim@ceoforums.us


Details About the Emerging Leader Forum VII (“EL VII”)

  • EL VII begins March 15, 2017; enroll now and save your key person’s seat
  • Up to 14 members from different organizations; no competitors or conflicts
  • Who is best suited to enroll into this program?
  • A learner – Knows the value and importance of being a life-long learner
  • Growth-oriented – Eager to take on all that comes with each step of added responsibility
  • “Semi-rounded”—Someone whose growth trajectory has left opportunities for professional development, leadership and management skills.
  • Fundamental leadership training includes
    • Managing oneself
    • Managing and leading others—360 degrees
    • Adopting a strategic mindset
    • Basic finance and budgeting
    • Communicating with stakeholders
    • Contributing to a positive organizational culture
  • Peer-to-peer processing of problems and opportunities allows members to practice managing diverse, real-life business challenges.
  • Competitively priced – $3,500 for organizations with more than 50 co-workers and $3,000 for those with less
  • The more diverse the members, the richer the experience can be for all; those representing diversity receive a reduced price
  • In this tightening labor market, there is no doubt that your best talent will be recruited by competing organizations and will be evaluating their options. Companies that invest in their employees’ professional development increase loyalty and attain a competitive advantage.

Let us help your key emerging leaders gain valuable knowledge, perspective and wisdom.

About Elevate Performance

Elevate Performance, founded in 2006, is the Northwest Arkansas region’s premiere convener of peer-peer forums for senior managers and emerging leaders. Elevate Performance ended 2016 with 88 members in seven forums for CEOs, middle managers and emerging leaders. In addition to delivering leadership development content, the forums offer members the opportunity to share best practices and process issues and opportunities in deep-trust, confidential environments.