What Does Being a Leader Look Like?

Leadership....We Were Going Through Some Keepers Relating to Leadership and Found This Piece Dating Back to 2010

What Does Being a Leader Look Like?

From the book CEO Material by Debra Benton,

Page 91, DebraBenton.com

If you choose to lead (because it is your choice), you

  • Think “we” instead of “me”; you put forth individual effort to create team-based wins

  • Have other awareness not just self-awareness and campaign for others, not yourself

  • Understand that being a leader is a service job – service to employees, social causes, and customers (note: we would add shareholders, suppliers and providers of credit)

  • Improve your people’s reputation, not your own alone, and you keep it about others, not you

  • Grow others and share credit; you make it possible for others to use their abilities and take people to places they normally wouldn’t go on their own

  • Don’t just focus on your work but focus instead on the business as a whole; you get a large number of people moving in a similar direction where they’re able to accomplish a great thing

  • Build a team of like-minded people around you and fill in gaps of what’s missing in your own expertise

  • Take responsibility for your own weakness, even if only in private, and you get skills or put people around you with skills

  • Grow things and free up capital, and you see where the company can go and where you can be of help

  • Keep whatever team you lead moving

  • Do more than get everything done; you make a huge impact every day

  • Spark ambitions in others-both those under your direct control and those who are not

  • Make choices, minute by minute, that make you better in your work

  • Treat your people as associates / colleagues, not subordinates

  • Have organized thinking, and you can take a problem or opportunity and sort it out logically.

Ways a Leader Can Step Up Our Leadership Capacity

When it comes to stepping up our leadership capacity, consider the below recommendation.   

This recommendation comes from what the members of our forums have taught us as well as various guest speakers and / or workshop leaders presented by Elevate Performance. 

Please consider this knowing the author of these materials is flawed and while sharing this with you, we are also encouraging ourselves.  We know it is a journey and none of us will achieve mastery of leadership as it is hardly possible. We can constantly improve our leadership effectiveness and below are some of the best ways to do this.    

  • Performance expert Stan Beecham encourages, we want to "access our best more often."  As we put together a string of these days and weeks and months, it can do a lot for how much more we can enjoy our career time and the people with whom we work.  It also gives our team members a greater opportunity to appreciate us.   
  • We all have flaws and we are human and not perfect.  That is why Elevate speaker Stan says it the way he says it: to pursue "accessing our best more often."
  • How is that done?  A lot of it is forgiving ourselves and our people sooner than in the past.  It is bringing more heart and gratitude to the party.  It is recognizing that anything in the past is in the wake of the boat.  It is back there. It has no power.  What matters is what I do today; how can I access my best more often?
  • If emotional intelligence is twice as important in getting what we want in our career, even our lives, than IQ, there is significant upside for every one of us by going deeper around understanding and practicing emotional intelligence.  Empathy, heart, and self-assessment are at the top of this list.  

No doubt, we have to have business acumen, industry expertise, a sense of strategic thinking/acting and common sense to be a great CEO.  Our competitors often are high on these traits as well.  We will be pretty equal around these traits.  It is in executing the EQ where we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors and is likely the area where we can find the greatest gain in our own performance.  


New Accelerate Leadership Forum Forming for Summer Start 2018

 Accelerate Leadership Forum VIII

Accelerate Leadership Forum VIII

Now Accepting Enrollment into 14 Member Accelerate Leadership Forum IX  ("AL IX")

One of the most exciting and fulfilling things we do at Elevate Performance is getting to work with fast-rising leaders in what we’ve now branded as our Accelerate Leadership Forum (formerly Emerging Leader Forum).     

We currently have an excellent class going, with a diverse membership ranging from the region’s Fortune 100 companies, to entrepreneur-led ventures, financial institutions and non-profit organizations.  They’re all whip-smart and enthusiastically engaged.  Large company participants learn how entrepreneurs think and respond.  Smaller size business leaders learn how large companies systematically process choices to be made for the best calculated risk.  All members begin to recognize that part of leadership is dealing with challenges where there is no clear path, requiring different ways of gathering information, then critical thinking to make the final decision. 

It’s energizing just to be in the room.

As we were assembling the current forum, AL VIII, many members expressed a desire to invest in one of your "A" Players or promising professionals in to the next forum, which is scheduled to begin April 2018.  While we already have confirmed members in this class, we still have openings, which we’ll be filling in the coming weeks.

If you have an all-star performer in your organization whom you’d like to prepare for, if not accelerate, their preparedness to take on expanded leadership responsibilities, this ten-month Accelerate Leadership program is an excellent investment option.  Contact us to enroll your top talent and demonstrate to your team of talent how important your people are to the organization.   

CEO Forum members are already aware of the benefits of this program.  But if you’d like to know more, feel free to reach out to Ed Nicholson or Tim McFarland at Elevate Performance. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.  


Representative Organizations - Current Forum In Session - AL VIII

Arrowhead Boats, Bordinos, CaseStack, Centennial Bank, deMx Architecture, First Tee, Guitar Center,  Lofty Labs, Recycled Hydro Solutions, Rockline Industries, Starling Family Office, Tyson Foods, UniVision, Walmart and Wolfspeed.   What a list of excellent organizations!