Elevate Leadership Development Fund Established for Non-profit Organization Leaders

At Elevate Performance we help leaders elevate their performance. This includes building up and supporting leaders in the nonprofit sector as well as in business. We believe that for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations both benefit when given the opportunity to learn from one another  Since 2006, the year that John Lewis and Tim McFarland launched our first peer advisory group (referred to as "Forums") in NWA, every Forum has had leadership from nonprofit organizations as members.  Soon thereafter,  we began offering scholarships or reduced pricing so that we could serve these leaders better.  We would like to further expand our scholarship offering so that we can serve more leaders in the nonprofit sector.   

You can make a secure online contribution to the Elevate Leadership Development Fund HERE, or by mailing a check to:

Elevate Leadership Development Fund

C/O Arkansas Community Foundation

5 Allied Dr. Suite 51110

Little Rock, AR 72202

The Elevate Leadership Development Fund is managed by Arkansas Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Your online donation is tax-deductible and will be received by the Arkansas Community Foundation and applied to our fund. Acknowledgment of your gift for tax purposes will come from Arkansas Community Foundation.

Elevate Performance is Arkansas' premier convener of peer-peer forums for CEO's, senior managers and promising emerging leaders.  We operate five CEO Forums based in Fayetteville, Johnson, Rogers and Little Rock and deliver two Accelerate Leadership Forums annually.  Peer to peer processing of challenges and opportunities translates into a leader making better decisions.  Since our inception, leaders have invested over 8,500 hours helping one another and learning from one another.  Ask yourself if membership might give you a new competitive advantage.   

For more information about this fund, please contact Jody Dilday of the Arkansas Community Foundation, jdilday@arcf.org or Tim McFarland of Elevate Performance, tim@ceoforums.us.  


Accelerate Forum IX - Let the Growth Begin

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On October 16th, a group of talented professionals will come together for one of ten forums over the coming ten months. Members of the forum will gather in a group setting to process opportunities and challenges Socratically. Lead presenters present their topic of choice in a confidential setting, and the group digs deep to find solutions to whatever was brought up. Membership into an Accelerate Forum can be transformative and is always a high growth experience for those enrolled.   

They will get to:

1. practice leadership

2. apply critical thinking

3. problem/opportunity solve

4. learn from ten seasoned regional leaders

5. dive into seven pillars essential for leading an organization

6. develop close relationships with ten or more talented peers  

Photo Aug 14, 10 27 18 AM.jpg

These members will graduate with the understanding that many of the challenges and opportunities that come before us aren't in the playbook and that they require critical thinking, emotional intelligence, due diligence and engagement with specialists in order to find the best pathway.   

Because you invested in them, members know they matter at your organization and you have invested in them.  They know you are interested in them over the long run. The value of human capital goes far beyond the payroll expense listed on an income statement. Your employees and coworkers are the lifeblood of your organization, so sharpening their skill set is advantageous to everyone in countless ways. This is what we have found, so enroll your "A" Player now.

Please email tim@ceoforums.us or ed@ceoforums.us for more information.